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Join us

ELSYS, the expert in electronic systems design

Joining ELSYS, you will enter the world of cutting edge technologies and learn new working methodologies with our engineers.

ELSYS, which has a very high global technical level, set up an organization by skills with experts in:

  • Micro-electronics : ASIC, integrated circuits
  • Digital and analog electronics, radio and microwave systems
  • Embedded Software
  • Software Engineering

ELSYS has a wide expertise area, which generates many opportunities for our engineers.

Career Development

Thanks to its numerous projects, ELSYS offers you job opportunities in line with your professional and personal expectations:

  • Technical expertise
  • Architecture
  • Project management
  • Design center technical management
  • Business management
  • Design center business management

Technical curiosity, job involvement and merit will enable you to develop your career with us ; you will take on exciting technical and management challenges!


ELSYS assists you in your career development. The company emphasizes training in:

  • Methodologies and designing tools
  • Emerging technologies
  • Personal skills needed for an evolution in your job position, like project management

You will have the opportunity to discuss this topic with the business manager in charge of your professional follow-up ; like you, he will have a technical background enabling him to understand your professional expectations.