Intervention Modes

ELSYS proposes a comprehensive and coherent offer combining on-site consultancy, technical expertise, fixed price project and ODC/DDC (Outsourcing Design Center/Dedicated Design Center).

On-site Consultancy/Technical Expertise

Immediately operational, trained and supervised, ELSYS engineers join the customer development teams and get involved with their expertise.

The projects can be short or long, realized by a small or an expanded team, ELSYS business managers will select the engineers combining the best technical and human skills that will suit to customer needs.

In a on-site consultancy mode, ELSYS usually proposes development engineers, specialists, experts and project managers

Fixed Price Project

To meet the growing need for outsourced design projects, ELSYS proposes a dedicated structure.

Technical teams, reinforced by experts, are supervised by experienced project managers and skill leaders that ensure the proper application of ELSYS ISO certified methodologies.


An Outsourcing Design Center/Dedicated Design Center is a true outsourced R&D team. It combines the skills and expertise of ELSYS engineers, while following customer methodologies.

The key member of the system is the ELSYS Coordinator. He provides answers to customer requests, organizes and manages the team (including ramp-up and ramp-down phases) and makes reports to customer.

The main features of an ODC/DDC are:

  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Confidentiality (dedicated center)
  • Developments and management are provided by ELSYS
  • The methodologies used are those of the customer
  • Know-how is capitalized project after project
  • Costs are optimized (re-use, work packages, nearshore/offshore)

ODC/DDC can be located in off-shore areas.